March 05, 2013

The Laboratory of Apocalypse

The Unites States is a place to keep an eye on if you enjoy the postapocalypse genre, as sometimes it really looks like a laboratory of social-economic collapse. Given the number of firearms owned by their citizens, and their dependence on imported fossil fuels, one just wonders if they really want to prove the world that they can actually fulfill a Mad Max Scenario.You can just view the cascading malfunctions of the country like fall of empires ages ago, and conclude the consequencies for yourself and your area.

This time, we just take a look at health care. The subject itself is well known, I'm sure many readers of All Plants Bulletin heard the expressions "Medicare" and "Medicaid", as social security is one of the most talked about subjects concerning the performance of the Obama administration.

This time though, the article we are about to link is not about politics, it's just a quick view of the experience of the average American middleclass citizen. And it is scary.

To read the list of the 50 signs of doom for American healthcare, check out the Economic Collapse Blog guest post on Zero Hedge, here.

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