March 03, 2013

The Story So Far

I'm blogging for ten years now, under the name "lsg404". Through the last few years, my involvement grew with the Hungarian eco scenes. I met and befriended  urban gardeners, than became one them. I know the key personalities of the Hungarian Ecovillage Network. I worked in rural development communication, so I have a good understanding of the most innovative projects of the Hungarian countryside. Apart from the stuff I grow in my garden, I mostly eat what I buy from local farmers producing in the Budapest vicinity. Now I study renewable energy counseling, so I can help local economies, NGO's, villages or corporations to be less reliant on faraway power sources. We live together with my wife and our dwarfrabbit in the big city jungle, living our life as an ongoing research and test project about how one can lead a creative and joyful life embracing all there is to take from modern society, and not killing the planet, the ecosystem, and ourselves doing it. 

And you are welcome to join the experience here, on All Plants Bulletin, a blog which aims to report frequently in short doses about the Budapest ecoscene and our small part in it.

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