April 03, 2013

...and we're back!

We arrived from our spring trip safe and sound, but we need just a little more time to get up to speed again. Until then, here's a nice view of Florence from a bridge over Arno, in the suburbs.

There is a certain charm in this gloomy weather, isn't it... Budapest is still in similar shape, a few degrees colder, and the countryside is still under blankets of snow!

Anyways, a link for you until we get back with some (hopefully) meaningful content: check out this podcast which just blew our minds away while we were listening to it through the night waiting for Airport Galileo Galilei to open it's gates for us, it really is intriguing. We can recommend "From Alpha 2 Omega" in general too, as it fails to disappoint, show after show, covering a lot of interesting subjects All Plants Bulletin also trying to communicate, i.e., this "Plants versus Zombies" kind of message.

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