May 27, 2013

Make Sense!

Yesterday two french girls came in to GrundKert, a community garden in District 8 to check things out. Apparently they were looking for the Leonardo Garden, the project of KÉK, at the corner of Leonardo and Tömő, but ended up here at the Grund. It’s a quite common event, since the two community gardens are just a stonethrow away from each other, both identified easily by the nearby Corvin köz, a historic site of the 56 revolution, now dominated by a shopping mall.

They represent Make Sense, and are on a Central European tour to get to know people and organisations doing meaningful stuff. Check their tumblr about this amazing trip, here.

What is MakeSense?

Basically people post their world-saving projects, or humble initiatives focused on some social enterpreneurial project, You can check that out, and can offer help, which could mean a click on Facebook share, but could also mean you can contact the organiser and offer your dedicated work on the project, or you could also BOOM it, which means you yourself set up a Facebook event and invite others to discuss what can you do about this certain project you found on MakeSense, all this with a few clicks, integrated in the site.

It’s up to you.

All Plants Bulletin is endorsing You to go and find something which helps our common goal of peace and harmony for all plant and human life on the planet, but of course you can go and Make Sense of anything what makes you tick!

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