August 26, 2014

Barefoot Beekeeper

To an awesome workshop direct we humbly your attention today: Our friends since ancient times, the bees are the main protagonists of this event, located at the pictoresque village of Kisgyőr.

The yellow-black striped arthropods are essential catalysts in the love life of most plants, but this is not the single reason why we strongly recommend you register to this event by 31th of August, a quite strict-ish deadline for a November event.

Philip Chandler is the ex-beekeeper of the Abbey of Buckfast, leader of international organisation called Friends of Bees. Quite straightforward name for a group dedicated to alternative, organic beekeeping.

He will be presenting in a yet undisclosed location on 13th of November - which is the Hungarian name-day for Sylvia, and holds a three-day-course at the Természet Háza (House of Nature), Kisgyőr from the 14th to 16th about all there is to know about the Top Bar Hive.

The Top Bar Hive is a simple and effective method for alternative beekeeping, with growing popularity, although largely unknown in Hungary.

Mr. Chandler is of course going to be presenting in English, with a Hungarian interpreter, so this is a perfect event for an audience with versatile language skills.

For the lowly price of 5000 HUF you get 3 days of food and accomodation, as well as a Hungarian edition of Mr. Chandler's book, the Barefoot Beekeeper, and of course access to the workshop as well! Hard to imagine a nice and interesting long weekend for less material sacrifice.

If you don't want to miss out, apply at this e-mail address now.

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