March 13, 2013

Live Without Toxics In Your Home Workshop

"You love taking care of your body and skin but you are fed up with all artificial creams, showers gels, deodorants and shampoos? You are concerned about chemicals found in everyday cosmetics and how they can affect your health and natural environment? Then you cannot miss Szatyor’s “Live without toxics at your homeworkshop! Come and have fun preparing your own, totally toxic-free and eco-friendly bath bombs and deodorant, which you can take home afterwards!"

Well, well, well, isn't modern life is just so terrifying, terrible and terrific? You might be a person who trusts consumer protection systems, like, badges and certifications, and thinks that what could get to the shelves of supermarkets or beauty shops is MUST be safe - we've been to the Moon and we are playing with radio-controlled robots on the surface of Mars, so safe mass-production can't be an issue, can it.

All Plants Bulletin wouldn't dare stating that big companies are poisoning you with their products, no way, but if you are interested in the subject, check this funny cartoon about how it is overseas.

But anyways, making cheap and totally natural cosmetics for yourself is a cool social activity. If you were a gal, doing useful and good-smelling stuff together with likeminded gals probably sounds great, and if you were a guy, well, spending time with a lot of young and open-minded urban gals doing useful and good-smelling stuff together probably sounds freaking awesome, so, we won't hold you up, click on the Attending button right now if you happen to be at Budapest. If you are not, start moving, you got 10 days to get here!

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