March 12, 2013

Think Outside of the Box...

...and fill the Box with all the goodies Pacha Mama can offer you in the Carpathian Basin!
There's a new box system up for joining tonight in the City. Box Systems basically are subscriptions to a box of vegetables and other farm products, arriving periodically, made by local producers operating close to the city, who go for quality instead of quantity. You can never know exactly what is inside the box, although you can make educated guesses, since evertyhing goes to the box only when it's ripe for the taking, according to, you know, seasons and that kind of stuff.

 That's quite different to the controlled consumption exercised by urban prosumers who are used to getting their hands on every kind of plant they desire, even though out of season tomatos or stawberries mean thousands of miles traveled, chemical enhancements, fertilizers, and mass production done by workers  with wages not far off from slavery.

Face it: Nature knows better! Just lay back and enjoy the excitement of opening your package every time - you can get everything else you need from farmer's markets, or
Szatyor, or wherever you secure your food from, afterwards.

Enough talking, here is the Facebook event,

the location: Birs Bisztró, Budapest, District 9, Ráday utca 49.

and the contacts of the mastermind: +36 70 616 5088,

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