March 20, 2013

Party Hard with Budapest Bike Mafia!

Budapest Bike Mafia is probably the coolest gang in town. A small band of guys had this idea a few years ago, that they ride out into the cold night of Christmas Eve, and give presents to homeless people all over the city. This idea by now has grown to an initiative with more than 50 volunteers, who hit the streets regulary through the winter, giving clothes, blankets and food to the ones in dire need. They also teamed up with Szimpla Market, a farmer's market gathering held at a hip Budapest ruin pub every Sunday, where you can share the food you have bought there with them. They put your stuff in white sacks on which you can write a message if you want, and they transport it to poor families. 

This insanely cool pack of volunteering wolves hit the dancefloor on Friday night at Gozsdu Manó Klub, a small music pub in the depths of the jewish district, known for hosting events for people with the most peculiar musical tastes. This time it's gonna be the current episode of the " Mighty Nineties" party series where original 90's hits, 90's underground classics, and mashups will be on the menu, plus, the party itself will operate as a "Charity Point" for BBM, so you can drop whatever you want to aid their cause with there, and get properly wasted in the company of heroes.

If someone says there's a better way to spend your Friday night, slap him in the face with a dead fish from Római Part, and run away.

(If you happen to understand Hungarian spoken word well, check out this podcast interview APB made under the susnyas transmissions flag with BBM officer Zoltán Havasi , here.)

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