March 15, 2013

Volunteer Wanted to Emerald Village

There is a small community ecovillage project called "Smaragdfalva" (Emerald Village), located close to Egerszalók, a fabulous small village near the historical city of Eger, on slopes between the Mátra and the Bükk mounts. As with all of these projects, they are usually open to welcome volunteers, giving shelter and food for work, but right now they actually realy need them ASAP! Deployment would run one or two weeks, where said volunteers could experience sleeping in a yurt prepared for winter (since winter returned for a short while it seems), overwatching horses, work in the vegetable garden, gathering firewood, cleaning bushy areas, so you know, all kinds of stuff that make your cheeks red, your head clean, your body healthy and your soul peaceful.

And even better is that after a long day out in the great outdoors, you can chill out and regenerate in arguably the best open thermal spa in the country!

If interested, contact us at the APB Facebook page, or drop some clues to yourself in the comment section!

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