May 05, 2013


What do you want to do in you life? How mobile are we?

All Plants Bulletin is a news media dedicated for enhancing the human settlement - natural water - plant life dialogue through our embassy correspondance, which is open to the public in it's totality, so nothing has to get leaked.

We are watching the Római Part storyline closely, and are interested in the groups who want to better the quality of life of citydwellers bringing more of Nature's power within the walls.

As an important Danube-country (which is amongst the greatest rivers of Europe), Hungary is naturally involved in plenty of international projects where countries and cities on the coast of this mighty river can share their thoughts and create action.

DunaVision is just like that, focusing on sustainable solutions. One of their interesting initiatives is Caravan of Change. This trip runs all along the Danube countries, but you can take part in it using two distinct methods:

Stream G:

One is a bike + train tour, from Vienna to Maribor, Croatia, and back North again to Budapest. A pretty cool summer trip complete with workshops and interesting individuals, application deadline is today.

Stream H:

The other method is even more intimately connected to the river: a canoe ride from Vienna to Budapest! An experienced shipman will maneuver every canoe, and luggage is transported separately.

Row, pedal, exchange ideas, generate projects, and have fun with it.

Also, DunaVision is now preparing a summer camp in rural Hungary, which aims to be a follow-up of the highly regarded FöldKelte camp set in a medieval farm in Zirc, three years ago. This camp is rumored to be an important starting point and networking event for many of us involved in the Hungarian ecovillage- and sustainable living  scene. APB will provide more info when it becomes available.

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